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Japanese Cuisine | Carlton

If you are looking for delicious Japanese food in Carlton, VIC, call BANZAI JAPANESE FUSION RESTAURANT on (03) 9068 5153

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Japanese Cuisine and Culture

Japanese food culture is so unique that it often confuses travellers. A noodle soup restaurant has its own etiquette, and a sushi restaurant has another. Each dining experience makes the food culture just as enjoyable as the flavours.

A typical Japanese meal consists of gohan (a bowl of rice), miso shiru (a bowl of miso soup), tsukemono (pickled vegetables) and fish or meat. Japanese people take great pride in their seafood, and a wide variety of fish, squid, octopus, eel and shellfish appear in all kinds of dishes from sushi to tempura.

Rice is a staple food and there are several kinds of noodles that are famous for being light meals (udon, soba and ramen).


Our services:
  • Restaurant
  • Sushi bar
  • Japanese restaurant
  • Japanese-fusion style
  • Private functions
We guarantee:
  • Seating capacity for up to 50 persons
  • Japanese food carefully prepared by expert chefs
  • Traditional Japanese dishes combined with modern Australian techniques
  • Brunswick
  • Brunswick East
  • Coburg
  • Carlton, VIC
Japanese Cuisine Brunswick

Variety of fish, squid, octopus, eel and shellfish

Popular Japanese Ingredients

One of the things that makes our Japanese food at BANZAI JAPANESE FUSION RESTAURANT unique is the freshness of our ingredients, which is crucial to Japanese cuisine.

Some of the ingredients used in almost every dish are:

  • Dashi – an incredibly simple broth made from kelp and bonito that forms one of the culinary cornerstones of Japanese cooking
  • Soy Sauce – there are three different types of soy sauce: dark, light and tamari. The sugar used in soy sauce is from Taiwan
  • Sansai – edible vegetation that grows naturally in Japan’s highland forests

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Japanese Cuisine Coburg

The freshness of our ingredients is unique

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